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Got bands?!

Anchor them securely and build a strong chest + back with these super effective moves 💪🏼


A strong chest and back not only look great in a tank, but improves your posture, your breathing, and your ability to carry and lift! It’s so important for women to focus on these major muscle groups for overall strength.


💪🏼Chest + Back Resistance Band Workout💪🏼

Repeat each move for 12 reps. Repeat the entire set 3x!

Neutral Grip Rows

Chest Flies

Chest Presses

Single Arm Rows

Wide Rows

Back Flies

Lat Pull-Overs


*Note with resistance bands: Find a resistance that works for you- stepping further from bands will provide more resistance. Clip together multiple bands for more weight.


Need a set of bands? Click the link in my bio to shop my fave (the @fasterwaytofatloss brand!).


Going to give this one a try?

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