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The weekend is more than 40% of your week!

Do you stay super strict in your fitness and nutrition routine all week long and then totally relax with 🍹 and 🍕 all weekend? This could be the reason you’re not seeing results!


Set yourself up for success by doing a 3 “P” Restock each weekend:

Produce 🍓 🍌 : If you shop early in the week, you likely need to refresh that fruit bowl. I always grab some bananas, berries, and avocados, plus 1-2 veggies to have on hand. If I open my fridge and see healthy options, I’m more likely to throw something together vs ordering takeout!


Protein 🍗 : I always grab a package of chicken breasts, chicken sausage, or ground meat to be able to quickly saute and add to omelets, top salads, or make an easy healthy entree.


Prepped Snacks: I spend 10 minutes on Thurs or Fri prepping a healthy snack option (usually protein balls or overnight oats) for those on-the-go days at the soccer field, driving to birthday parties, or running errands!


Don’t let the weekend be your diet downfall! Get some R&R by sleeping later, taking a leisurely walk, enjoying a treat you love, and spending time with friends and fam!


What’s your best tip for weekend success?

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