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Meet Emily


I'm a mom of 3, a wife to my best friend, and a fitness, nutrition, and wellness coach for women who are trying to juggle all the things!  

In between shuttling my kids to school and activities, you'll find me spending time outdoors, enjoying an iced coffee, walking my pup, playing tennis with friends, volunteering at my local food pantry, chatting with clients, or cooking up a fun new recipe.  I spend a lot of time in the kitchen- I absolutely love trying new recipes and showing my clients that eating healthy doesn't have to be limiting or boring.  I also love strength training and showing my clients how incredible they can feel from a quick + effective strength workout- inside and out! 

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My Story With

I've always had an affinity for health and wellness- I've been a spin instructor at various studios for over 12 years, taught outdoor bootcamps, and tried my hand at boxing, running half marathons, and hot yoga! Despite my deep love for fitness and my assumption that I knew how to eat healthy, I could never fit all the pieces together to see the results I was after.

I was constantly stuck in a overrestrict-binge cycle.  Some weeks it was "no sugar", some weeks "no carbs", other weeks "1000 calories".  And I always used to think that more exercise and less food was the secret formula.  By the time I had my third baby, I was exhausted- not just from the late night feedings, but also from the frustration of not feeling the way I thought I would.

I struggled...

to get to classes at local studios. 
I couldn't settle into a workout routine that felt do-able and effective.
I couldn't figure out how to feel like me again.

Enter FASTer Way.  I joined 4 months postpartum with low expectations.  I didn't even tell my husband or any friends or family that I had started a new program.  And it didn't take long to get me hooked. Finally, I had the what, when, how much, and most importantly the WHY of nutrition that I had been looking for!

It clicked and totally made sense.  I was instantly hooked by the workouts- short, effective, and weightlifting made me feel like an absolute badass. Best of all, all the elements were so easy to fit into my lifestyle that my routine suddenly made sense and became totally consistent and easy to follow. 

And the results kept coming.  My first 6 weeks I lost 6lbs and 10", and since then have continued to see changes in my muscle tone, clothes sizes, and appearance.  But best of all are the non-scale victories.  My energy is fantastic and consistent, my skin is clear, and my strength helps me with all my daily activities.  I love helping clients integrate nutrition and fitness strategies into their routines and not only look great but FEEL amazing!
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faster way coach
faster way to fat loss

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