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Got Bands? How to Use Resistance Bands in Your Chest & Back Workout

Resistance bands aren't new on the scene in fitness, but they are definitely having their moment.

Why? Because working with resistance bands doesn't just build muscle, they can also burn fat and increase flexibility by adding varying degrees of resistance to compound movements, challenging your stability and muscular endurance, and improving strength and flexibility. Due to their versatility, they can be utilized in almost any workout, are inexpensive to add to your fitness equipment and are easy to transport.

Anchor them securely and build a strong chest + back with these super effective moves 💪🏼
A strong chest and back not only look great in a tank, but improves your posture, your breathing, and your ability to carry and lift! It’s so important for women to focus on these major muscle groups for overall strength.

💪🏼Chest + Back Resistance Band Workout💪🏼

Repeat each move for 12 reps. Repeat the entire set 3x!
Neutral Grip Rows
Chest Flies
Chest Presses
Single Arm Rows
Wide Rows
Back Flies
Lat Pull-Overs
*Note with resistance bands: Find a resistance that works for you- stepping further from bands will provide more resistance. Clip together multiple bands for more weight.
Need a set of bands? Click below to try some of my faves...

Happy training, friends!

*Please note, links in this post may contain affiliate links which means I receive a small compensation from the company for promoting their product at no additional cost to you.
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